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Partnerships in ALEXA, MINI and RED.

Owner of all gear below:

Canon C200 4k, C300 mk1, Sony A7s, Canon 5d mk2

Canon lenses- 70-200mm Lseries 2.8, 17-55mm w/stabilizer 2.8 , 50mm 1.8

DRONE- DJI Mavic Air, 4K, 3 Batteries, 64gb card, LETUS HELIX Stabilizer.

GYRO- DJI OSMO MOBILE 4K, 4 batteries, 64 gb card

Int. lighting set up. Diva, 1x bi color, 3x small bi color LEDs, travel size G/E


16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
VINTAGE NIKON Primes and Zooms
•-Nikon,28,35,50,105,135mm 2.8 or faster primes and17-55, 28-70mm and 80-200mm t2.8 zooms with canon mount adapters
•-follow focus,gears and rail system
•-Zacuto Viewfinder w/custom mount for eyepiece


SOUND - Tascam DR100 portable recorder with Sennheiser Boom and Wireless Mics

•-Nikon primes,
•-28,35,50,105,135mm T2.8 and faster
•-Nikon 28-70mm and 80-200mm t2.8 zooms
•-Manfrotto 2 stage sticks
•-Manfrotto 516 fluid head 100mm
•-Manfrotto 503 fluid head 75mm Manfrotto monopod with matching quick release plate as 516/503 head to quickly switch back and forth.
•-high hat and car mount
•-3 foot indie slider with sticks and bogen head.
•-4×4 Formatt Mattebox,W/nds,pola,grads,skin enhancer,
•-52mm ND’s and pola
•-77mm ND’s and pola
•-82mm ND”S and pola
•-timelapse remote
•-32gb,16gb,8gb cards
•-13′ laptop Macbook Pro


GRIP AND ELECTRIC- Basic Interview set up
•-1ftx1ft Battery/AC powered Lite Panel LED light 5600K with V-lock Battery/and charger
•-5-LED Bi-color Mini- Battery/AC powered
•-Kinoflo DIVA light kit for interview with grid
•-4 custom made flex fills in large/Small with 1/2 soft frost,ultra bounce, and black (perfect for travel)
•-par cans/ light stands/sand bags
•-6x frame with 1/2 soft frost and ultra bounce/Black, muslin

FILM Cameras
•-16 MM Bolex
•-Super 8 Nizo Professional
•-Nikon still camera
•-fisherprice pixl 2000

•-3 foot slider with 516 and 701 Bogen fluid head
•-Manfrotto 3 stage tripod
•-high hat
•-suction cup car mount

•-3 radios with headsets