A true citizen of the world, his work offers an aesthetic and social reach that surpasses conventional western expectation. His diversity in features, commercials,music videos and documentary allows him to bring a skillset from one genre to the other, always enhancing the final product.  Gallo’s work reflects an unflinching eye and a constant pursuit of truth through his imagery and in his life.  His work has covered everything from to amputee soccer in Sierra Leone and his commercial work has spanned clients from Alfa Romeo to Nike. The HEAL documentary is in perfect alignment with his work in conscious media and his desire to change the world with his art.  For features his work has been accepted at Sundance, SXSW, Cannes and Venice film festival. Gallo’s work remains current in today's ever changing world as he is consciously staying current and changing as well.  Gallo is used to being an indie outsider, and engaging in film adventures around the world  ( filmed on 6 continents, C'mon job in Antarctica!!!). He has spent a lifetime absorbing and observing a diverse cross-section of American and international society. Perhaps that’s why he is just as comfortable filming for The National Geographic as he is shooting commercials for Chrysler. Gallo brings an authenticity with him stemming from an openness to people and a desire to hear, and tell, their stories.  It is this knack for taking the reality of the world and translating it cinematically that lends a real sense of genuine emotional humanity to all his work. Plus he is funny and speaks 2 1/2 languages

"I love working with Gallo because he has the organizational perception of an AD, the story telling skills of a Director and the visual literacy of a cinematographer. Most importantly, I know he will always elevate a project.  It’s hard enough for a DP to take a script, an idea and a vision and bring a project to life, but with Gallo, he will always surpass my expectations.  I think he reaches that nexus by pushing that last final 2%, because it’s in that small space where you push from good to extraordinary."  Max Yoffe -Producer 

"Gallo is a dream to work with. He is a very engaged cinematographer. Every project he takes on, he commits to it as if it is his own, and gives you the highest quality product in return. And the best is you can tell he enjoys doing it and he makes you Laugh in the process. The Best."  Alison Chernick- Director

"Reliable, dependable, and a pleasure to work with. When Gallo is on your crew, you're guaranteed that he'll bring serious dedication and focus to the craft. But above all, what I appreciate is that he's dynamic and resourceful, especially in challenging situations. In my experience there are few people who know how to elevate the cinematic quality of your film while rolling with the non-stop challenges that arise when capturing real life. Gallo understands both and always gets the shot. " Kristopher Rios- Producer/Director

"Gallo is a true artist in color and composition, shots are always measured and precise and are more painterly than anything. I love how he finds things I don't see and how he can interpret spaces with his cameras in ways I can't imagine.  His camera and how he involves light are his  greatest gifts and he's the best I know at what he does."  Kelly Loudenberg- Director

In his downtime you can find him on his bicycle, motorcycle, swimming/surfing or camping in his vintage VW Westfalia. Creating community, and giving back is an absolute for Gallo's life and his most rewarding experiences to date. He has mentored at Venice High School's film dept, Venice Arts at risk youth program, coaching soccer for Ayso and volunteering at Zeno Mountain Farms film camp where they make films for people with and with out disabilities. Gallo lives in Venice Beach Ca. has three sons and that means Sunday is for Spaghetti and Family, Period! (unless he's on location)